How Website Directories Work

Website Directories

If you are looking to promote your website, one way to do that is through Website Directories. Depending on the ranking of the website directory you submit to, it can possibly raise the ranking of your website. Some directories are free and others are paid.

To submit to a website directory simply look through the directory until you find the section you want to submit to. After you fing the appropriate section you will need to find the “add url” button and click on it. On a typical directory, this will bring you to a screen to submit your website for review, so it can be added to the directory. However, directories can differ, and the procedures might vary from directory to directory.

Another alternative to submitting to directories is advertising on the directories. If a web directory has a promotion or advertisment section where you can sign up and promote your website it might be in your best interest to do that. If the directory is in your niche market it can benefit you more than a directory that is not related to your site. Most of the time when you pay to advertise they will promote your website on every page of their site. This can bring in extra website traffic and possibly get you some backlinks with the search engines.

Some Website Directories to Consider

DMOZ is the biggest directory online.

Yahoo Directory
Yahoo directory accepts free and paid website submissions and can be a helpful backlink for certain websites. But the paid submission is $299.00. This might not be in your budget, so if its not dont worry; there are other ways to get backlinks.

Best of the Web!
Recently I was searching on Best of the Web and I found that they are offering a free 60 day trial offer to advertise on their website. You might want to check it out.

Free Links Directory
A Page rank 6 website directory that only costs $4.99 for a featured link.

DMEGS is a pagerank 5 website directory that accepts free submissions.

If you are going to submit to directories or need a good link building plan check out Free Traffic System and Both of these backlinking strategies are Legitimate and are very effective.

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