How Link Attributes Are Important

If you want to make money online you need to know some different types of link attributes you can use within a website. Two basic attributes you should be aware of are the target=”_blank” attribute and rel=”nofollow” attribute. You should also be aware of the nofollow attribute, because if you are advertising on other websites you need to know if they are nofollow or follow links.

Important Link Attributes

Link Attributes

Opening a link in a New Browser Window

I think it is important to talk about the target=”_blank” attribute. Opening links in a new browser window can help you when you are refering somebody to another website or a product in another website.

You do not need to do this if the product or other infomation is inside the main content of your website. But, if you refer somebody to an article you did not write or you talked highly about a product and have an affiliate link for the product on your site, you will want them to open up in a new browser window. Here is a typical link: <a href=””>. Here is a link with the target=”_blank” attribute: <a href=” ” target=”_blank”>. Its very easy, just add the target=”_blank” attribute into the end of any link.

Using the No Follow Attribute

The rel=”nofollow” attribute can be very important to a website. Everytime a outgoing link is placed on a website google assumes that you are supporting their website. In my personal opinion two or three regular outgoing links on a page (to good, known websites) is not going to hurt you. But if you have 50 outgoing links on one page I suggest using the no-follw attribute.

The no-follow attribute basically tells google to not count the link you have placed on your website. You should use this when somebody has paid you to put a link on your website or when you do not know the quality of the website you are linking to. To use the no-follow attribute simply add the rel=”nofollow” into the beginning of a link. Example: <a rel=”nofollow” href=””>.

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