Importance Of Niche Market Research

Before you go writing some content for your money making website you should always do some market research. Niche Market research is a valuble tool you can use to better your chances at higher search engine rankings.

Niche Market Research

Example Of Niche Market Research

Scenario: You are planning to make a website about computers. First: Type the word “computers” into the google adwords keyword tool. You will find the keyword computers had an average search volume of 20,400,000 in january of 2009. Second: Type the word “computers” into a google search. I found 425,000,000 websites competing in the keyword search for computer . The most important step after doing this is to find out who your competitors will be. In doing this you will need to find out the pagerank of the sites, and how many backlinks there are to those sites.

I found in the niche market computers that Wikipedia came up number one. I used the page rank tool and found out the website has a pagerank of 7 in google. Now I checked the google backlinks by typing in link:and the url (example: of the site into a google search. I found an average of 600 backlinks. If I were doing this, I would try to narrow my market down more to something more specific than simply computers and do a website on a more targeted market.

If you want to make money online you are going to have to do the research. You should probably check the websites on the first two pages for the keyword you are targeting so you know how you will have to compete with them.

Even after you have done the niche market research on the other websites that are out there, it is a good idea to see what is hot in the niche market you will be competing in. This will give you a good idea for more keywords and some content to write about. For example, sticking with the word computers, it would be to your advantage to find out what was more popular: information about computer hardware, or information about computer software. Finding out this information is vital to making money online.

After you do some of your niche market research you will need to come up with your own marketing strategy. Whether you are putting up just a simple information website to use AdSense ads, or you have your own product to promote, you will need to come up with a strategy. The niche market research should give you enough information on what type of content you will be writing, the keywords you will be targeting, and an idea of what type of backlinks you will need to get on the first page of a google search.

Doing the proper Niche market research can help in avoiding lot of common mistakes that will possibly cost you unnecessary time and even worse, money.

Free Advertising Research to help Click-Through Rates

If you are up on the front page of a search in the search engines and the click through rate on your advertisement is not that great, one freeway to do research on what ads to put up on your website or what new content to write, is by watching the search engine ads on that search. I’m talking about the paid advertising ads like Google AdWords.

If you monitor the paid ads on a keyword search for a month or two you will find sertain ads go up and are removed in a short period of time. You will also find that certain ads are staying up there because most likely they are making money.

I’ll give you an example: If you are on the front page for the keyword “gardening tools” and you monitor the paid ads for a month or two. You find that this new gardening e-book and a special gardening sprinkler system are the only two ads that stay up. All of the other ads changed. Use this research to change some of the ads on the page that is upon this search to target one or more of these items. This can also give you new ideas about content for your website or blog.

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