What are Meta Tags And Its Importance?

Meta Tags

Meta tags are basically HTML codes that go into the head of each web page of your website or blog. It is normally inserted right after the title tag. Some people also consider the title tag as part of the meta tag. There are two other components to the meta tag, which are the meta keywords tag and meta description tag. All three components, the title tag, meta description, and the meta keywords, will tell the search engines how relevant your website is to a particular search that has been made in the search engine by the users.

The meta description and the meta keywords tags are hidden from the eyes of the visitors in the website. However, you will be able to see the meta description and meta keywords that are used in a web page by viewing the source code of the page. The meta tags are meant for the use of search engines. Meta description can be seen when your webpage is listed in the search engine results. The text that you use for meta description appears as the text underneath your website’s title in the search results.

Example Of Meta Tags

Title Meta Tag: <title>Your Title Here</title>

Description Meta Tag: <meta name=”Description” content=”Your Description Here.” />

Keyword Meta Tag: <meta name=”Keywords” content=”Your,Keywords,here” />

Note: These tags should be located in the html code for the page in the head of the page between the <head> and </head> tags.

Your title tag should contain your main keywords. The keywords that you select for the meta keywords tag should be part of your web page’s content. The meta description should be a brief text explaining about your service or products. This text should also be constructed using keywords found in the title tag, your meta keywords, and the website’s content. Moreover, it is the meta description that will prompt the visitors to click on your website’s link when it gets listed in the search engine search results.

When you are adding keywords, make sure that you do not add a huge list of keywords to your meta keywords as this will dilute the effectiveness of the main keywords. Many people use the wrong approach towards implementing meta tags on their websites. They will just copy and paste the meta tags found in their competitor’s website that has a good ranking. It is not that simple; just placing the meta tags from a website that ranks well will not fetch you good ranks for your website automatically. So come up with your own meta tags based on your website and its content.

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