Choosing Keywords Is Important

Choosing Keywords

If you want to generate legitimate traffic to your website, you must make sure that you get good rankings in the search engines for the right keywords. This involves two steps; first is choosing keywords, and second is optimizing the site for those keywords.

Choosing keywords that are best for the niche market which you are targeting. Sometimes you will have a keyword that you will want to talk about and you will find there is little to no traffic for that keyword. You will find that you can also use the google adwords keyword tool to give you keyword suggestions. Sometimes the subject you want to talk about might be getting alot of searches under another phrase that means the same thing.

When choosing keywords for your website, you should try a bunch of terms and phrases that keywords could be before you pick the keyword or keywords you want to target in the content of your website. I was digging around and I found a good example: The keywords computer components and computer hardware are very similar but computer components gets aprox 74,000 searches a month and computer hardware gets aprox 673,000 searches a month.

Right Way Of Choosing Keywords

To select the right keywords, you must first know what search phrases people use when they are looking for the service or product that you are offering. If you type a keyword search into the google adwords keyword tool not only will you find related keywords, but if you scroll down on the page, you will find additional keywords to consider. It is good practice to try and include some of those additional keywords into your website content. If you seem to be at a loss for new content, the words google gives you to consider can also help you by giving you new ideas.

One of the ways of reducing the competition will be to select keywords that are based on location. If your service or product sale is limited to a certain city or certain country, you can use those geo-filters as part of your keywords to optimize your website. Instead of using ‘web design’, you can use ‘web design Minneapolis’ or something similar. You can also make use of secondary keywords and longer search phrases to reduce the competition. It has been noted that the longer key phrases drive more targeted traffic. You can narrow down your audience instead of trying to appeal to a wider group.

The google adwords keyword tool is not the only keyword tool on the market. To do proper seo keyword research I would suggest using two keyword tools when choosing keywords.

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