Importance Of Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a Domain Name

One of the first things needed when building a successful earn money online website is choosing a domain name. If you are ready to choose a domain name it is assumed that you already have a main keyword picked; one that your homepage will be targeting. This is first brought up because it is advisable to try and fit the targeted main keyword search into the main url. (Main url example:

When search engines calculate the position of a website they consider the words used in a domain name. This is not 100 percent critical but here is a scenario to help understand the importance of a domain name; Your website ( and another website ( are equal in search engine rankings and both websites are targeting the keyword search: Choosing a Domain Name. Your website might rank higher because the keywords are in the url. Being one rank higher can make the difference of page one or page two in some instances. This could affect your online income.

Tips On Choosing A Domain Name

When choosing a domain name, finding a phrase that will be remembered is also a key strategy to making money. This might not always be easy when competing in a very popular niche market. Many of the domain name ideas that are catchy may already be taken. If you do not have a large budget to purchase a high dollar domain name, you will need to be original.

You want your visitors to remember your url. You are more likely to make money from someone who trusts your website, and who can remember its name. Try and come up with an original phrase people will remember. I have found in the past that keeping the domain name under 25 characters, coming up with a catchy phrase, and using simple words that everyone can remember and spell, works the best.

To search domain names you can go to a website like: Simply type a phrase into the domain search and see if it is taken. When you find a domain name that you like, simply start an account and purchase the domain name.

When purchasing a domain name, I would advise you to buy it for at least two years. I heard from a reliable source that search engines have a way of knowing how long your domain name is registered for. This means a search engine could be more stringent on how they rank you because they do not know how long your website will be around. Although I cannot prove this to you, it does make sense.

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