5 Ways For Building Website Traffic

Building Website Traffic

If you haven’t gotten the gist by now building website traffic will bring in more revenue for your website. If you are going to use the search engines as your main source of traffic it is a known fact that most people that search keyword phrases do not go past the first page of search results. There are a couple of things you can do to increase your chances at getting to the front page of the keyword search you are targeting.

First you should always do the proper seo to all of the pages in your website or blog. By this I mean; write good targeted seo content, make sure your title and mets tags are done properly, and choose the correct keyword for the search you will be targeting.

Second, you will need to find backlinks for the pages on your website. A backlink is a link from another website to yours. Most people focus on point all of the links on their homepage. This may not be a good idea. It is good practice to point links to all of the main pages, that you will want people to read on your website. You can create backlinks a couple of ways; writing articles, press releases, Squidoo lenses, social networking, and exchanging content.

Creating Backlinks For Building Website Traffic

Articles: Whether you write your own articles or have people write them for you they can be a great source for backlinks. If you are going to submit articles you should submit to a couple different article directories. Some good article directories are:

Press Releases: Press Releases can be very helpful in some situations. If you are going to write a press release it should be about something special that your business offers.

Squidoo Lens: Creating one or multiple squidoo lenses can be used as a good backlink to a website. Create a lens about something that will backlink to your website and something that is interesting to the squidoo community.

Social Networking: You can use social networking for some good backlinks. Letting the online community know you are out there is very important. You might want to build a online community using twitter or facebook. Having a bunch of followers will ensure that the word will spread about your site. Using high traffic sites like digg and delicious can also help when you want to get numerous amounts of new visitors to your site.

Exchanging content: You can exchange content with another website or blog and in return have a backlink to your site in the content. You can also use systems like Free Traffic System that in exchange for blog content, they will give backlinks to your site.

Another great source for link building is Submitedge.com. I think there SEO programs are great and reasonably priced.

When you create backlinks to your website using one or more of these tactics it is a good idea to strengthen the backlinks that are working for you. This will raise the rank of the page that is backlinking to you, therefore raising the pagerank of your site. This will help you get to the first page of that search you are trying to get on therefore bringing in more building website traffic.

When you backlink to your site try and use the keyword phrase or prases in the anchor thext of the link as much as possible. When you are trying to get to the front page of a search all or some of these tactics can help you building website traffic and Make More Money Online.

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